who here has delt with Fettpride?


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I hate doing this but I need to know who has had dealings with this Member.
The clock on PayPal is running down and I haven't received my goods.
I'm not too worried yet...but man, I've lost enough money in the past with deals that don't come through and the 30 days has past with any PayPal help.
So if by chance Fettpride reads this please take no offence but I just need some comfort here.



saxe coburg

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I've bought several items from him.... some where around $800 worth of goods. Some times he doesn't return emails, some times it takes along time to get the stuff, but I've always gotten what I paid for and have been very happy with the product.


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Yeah no worries...that guy is probably the busiest person on the internet. He always comes through man, just have a little more patience and you'll be real happy w/ your goods.


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I had zero problems whatsoever when I dealt with him. I wouldn't worry.

I assume you've already tried emails and PMs?


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What did you purchase? I am curious. I purchased some goods from his mom before. Some DV EP3 capes, and she was nice and prompt. :D


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Hey guys,

first off a BIG THANKS to all that responded. You have all made me feel much better.

I'll sit back, relax and wait for my goods:)

Fettpride-your in my good book now.



Obi Sean Kenobi

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I can 100% vouch for him.

The items I have received through FP have been among the most satisfying acquisitions in my prop collecting experience.

(Now if he'd just send me my 'prize' for the Vader cape chain find. LOL :lol )



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Huh? What? Why didn't you contact me ... ?


Well, it appears that you did ... the only explaination I have for not getting your PM yesterday, is that I'm not the only one in the household that checks them, and apparently that someone forgot to tell me :confused Sorry about that. But, it was just yesterday afternoon ... relax bud :lol

Not sure why your Zorg head hasn't got there yet man ... but keep in mind, as I said in PM's, the last time I sent to Canada, it took weeks ;) PM on the way ...

BTW - Thanks for all the kind words everyone :thumbsup


**EDIT 2**

Obi Sean Kenobi - :lol :lol I have NOT forgot about ya bud ... lemme see what kinda toys I got layin around ;)


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Originally posted by fettpride@Feb 24 2006, 02:49 AM

the last time I sent to Canada, it took weeks ;) 
Ack. Why didn't you just say you were Canadian in the first place. I don't know why, but it seems to take around six or seven months to get a package here from the states.



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Yea FP is the man, in my dealings with him he has been very good. And anything you get from him is surely worth the wait.