cayman shen

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Didn't see a thread for this--caught it last night and really liked it a great deal. I'm intrigued by highly ambitious/driven people (as a total lazy slug who's destined for homelessness, it's like a glimpse into an alien world). As a novice musician, it was also fun to see what the best of the best are capable of. And finally as a teacher, it was utterly cathartic to watch someone abuse his students so outlandishly. Just kidding (Or am I...? Mwahahaha!) Melodramatic as hell, but in all the right ways, and wonderfully directed. Absolutely worth watching.


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I'm a drummer and have played in a few jazz bands and I enjoyed this movie a lot. Also, Fletcher reminds me a lot of my highschool band director so I found a lot of it pretty funny as well.
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