Where to start?


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Hi all,

I'm starting out with this and while I have grand ideas of full Iron Man costumes and Lightsabers and all that fun stuff. Nothing to wear, but for display.

I don't think trying an Iron Man suit is a good first up. I guess what I want to do is start with something small, easy to build so I can get used to the folding and then also something I can practise using the post-processing methods (resin/fibreglassing) etc.

Are there any tutorials that can help out with such a process? I get the folding, building using the paper but the post-processing is something I can't get my head around just yet.

Or any suggestions on what to try first up?

First, try changing your thread title :lol

Seriously, vague titles like this will most likely get passed over by the people who you seek advice from. I would clearly state in the title the projects you want to do and ask for advice. Then people seeing the title, who have something to respond, will know to open the thread. Just my two cents ;)
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