what type of casting material used for rubber armor?


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I have a screen used costume, which is made from a combination of rigid to semi rigid rubber armor. I was curious what most people use for this as it is something I would like to do at some point. What type of casting material is used for rubber? I see Smooth on has a few different items. thankyou :)


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anyone?? I want to do some addons for this costume, and want to cast in the same type or near type of rubber.


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Is this cast or brushed in?

Smooth-On sells several types of urehtane rubber with different shore hardnesses. They also sell additives to soften or harden the rubber. They also sell a thickening agent to make the rubber brushble.

If you want to go cheaply, there is always latex. There are additves to stiffen the latex and make it more like plastic.


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I know the DS9 Cardassians and the "Starship Trooper" armor was made out of a material called EST-40 by Polytech in CA. It's a two part urethane that you can vary the rubberiness of by adjusting the amounts of the two components.

The bad thing is, it's so sensitive to humidity that you just about have you use it all at once, once you open the container or it goes bad. If you want to use it, I'd recommend getting it in several small containers that you can open one at a time and save on moisture waste.

Hope this helps.