What do you listen to at work?

Larry Young

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When I'm doing comic book production (like today) I can't listen to my old classic rock stand-bys because I'll just start singing along and lose my concentration, so I usually put on some ambient or electronica or some mild techno so I can get into a groove but still pay attention to what I'm doing.

One of my friends turned me on to this

SomaFM: Mission Control: Celebrating NASA and Space Explorers everywhere. Commercial-free, Listener-supported Radio

... and if Karl hasn't heard of this yet, he'll love it.
im at work right now and im listening to Midnight The Stars and You, from the Shining Soundtrack.

Was listening to the Conan soundtrack a few minutes ago.
Unfortunately I have to listen to a 2-way radio so music it tough to do. When I do turn some on I listen to Enya, Joe Satriani, Last of the Mohicans soundtrack and things such as that.
today it was smashing pumpkins, grinderman, cage the elephant and lady gaga. It can vary from day to day depending on the mood.
The next five songs I'm currently shuffling through in this playlist at my desk.

-The Devil Never Sleeps, Iron & Wine
-To the Dogs or Whoever, Josh Ritter
-5 Years Time, Noah And The Whale
-Soldier's Grin, Wolf Parade
-Film, Aphex Twin
I sit and have to listen to the owner of the company make sales calls
in her office. Her voice is worse the Fram Dresher from the nanny.

You can tell no one understands a word she says to because she constantly has to repeat herself.

It's to the point where everyone is the office can mimic her perfectly.
I listen to the sound of life passing me by. HAhahah!

trying to find another job, ha! The place I'm at right now doesn't pay me enough for what I do there.
BBC 6 Music most of the day, the only proper music radio station I've come across with presenters I don't despise. Plus this week everybody's favourite "Fun Lovin' Criminal" Huey sits in for Lauren Laverne. Nice.
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