What did you make this year?


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Saw this great thread idea on starshipmodeler. Makes me wonder where I found time do do all this stuff. It was a busy year, full of more commission work than I ever thought possible, and a lot of it was for licensed companies, which is pretty amazing and cool. Along the way I got married, bought and moved into a house, licensed a small handful of MaK kits at the Tokyo Wonderfests, and carved some pumpkins.

This year, I made:

MaK Scout Flier (still need to weather)
MaK Eggeater (still need to weather)
Blade Runner PKD 1 (x5)
Blade Runner PKD 2
Star Trek TOS Phaser Rifle
Studio Scale Y-Wing (x2)
Paint Deco for AT-AT (w/snow) (x2)
33" Nautilus (Almost done)
Studio Scale BSG Viper (x2)
Studio Scale BSG Raider (x2)
Studio Scale TIE Fighter (x2)
Leia ROTJ blaster (ANH converted)
Orb of Thesula box sculpt and paint master x2
Buffy Palz series 3 sculpts (6 figs, plus variantheads, accessories, and snake mayor pieces)
Luke's Macrobinoculars
Serenity Money
Mal's pistol (cleaned the cast and painted x4)
Plus a bunch of stuff I can't talk about until 2006.

Out of all these, the only things that I did "for me":
MaK Scout Flier (still need to weather)
MaK Eggeater (still need to weather)
Leia ROTJ blaster (ANH converted)
Luke's Macrobinoculars
Serenity Money

Buuut, I have a crud-load of kits that I didn't have at the start of 2005.

Viva resin.

wolverine solo

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made a rick ross snub nose PKD, several godzilla models, did a cut away saber, put together a clone trooper rifle, got 6 model kits on the way but they'll have to go on the start of 2006.


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-Built/painted/weathered an RPF member's Clone Pistol kit & in process of cleaning up and repairing a crummy recast for a friend who got scammed.
-Built/weathered a set of Clone Armor
-Added LEDs and sound to my Gonk droid (Thanks Wampa & Hyperdyne)
-Researched specs & organized several custom all-metal ROTS Royal Guard Force Pike runs
-Built/painted/weathered an excellent Wakal X-Wing Pilot Helm (did it as Wedge)
-Added Hengstler counter to my E-11 (thanks BluFive) & detailed it - still need to add the cylinders
-Built/painted/weathered a Training Remote Kit
-Built/painted/weathered Corellian Exports Droid Caller
-Repaired and repainted/weathered a few Zat kits
-Painted/weathered a few Jaffa Staffs
-In process of modding a SW Minis AT-AT
-Restored the LFL 3/4 Scale X-Wing (thx again Hyperdyne, RMFF, 501st, RL, RPF & R2 Builder's Group)


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I didn't do half of what you guys did, but here it is:

-Mark VII science tricorder
-Cobrahead phaser

I've also started:

-trooper blaster
-Mark VI science tricorder



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"What did you make this year?"

enough to cover the bills, buy a boat, and take on a child.... :)

Seriously- Not much.. haven't had time.

Finished a ROTJ Luke saber for my aunt's Christmas gift . She'd been asking for one I think for 3 yrs now.. and then, the kicker wasn't happy with it because it didn't light up and make sounds like my MR F/X... I'm not bitter. (wheres that sarcasim font?)

bought a few things.. but just didn't work on much.


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Not too much for me

2 kits of Snowtrooper armor
Started a Stargate Staff Gun
Started an Anubis Helmet with animatronic Jackal head, LED eyes


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Studio Scale X-Wing (x2)
Studio Scale Viper 1


Farscape Pulse Pistol 1 - For a Friend, NOT mine :)


Custom Death Star Surface Panels
Custom Cockpit for Studio Scale X-Wing


Had so much going on this last year hoping I will have more time this next year :)

Projects for this next year:
Boba Fett MS2 Helmet - In primer
KJ Predator 1 Bio Helmet - Almost done
Polar Lights 1/350 Refit Enterprise - In Progress
FM Millenium Falcon - On the way


The Wook

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I'm not a prop builder, so I don't have a long list of items like you guys. But I did make this in 2005.

(Just the mask--the suit's four years old.)

The Wook



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Originally posted by The Wook@Dec 30 2005, 07:50 PM
I'm not a prop builder, so I don't have a long list of items like you guys.  But I did make this in 2005.

And an awesome job you did with it. I am still amazed. ;)


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Some fx stormtrooper armor
pvc E-11 blaster
re did stormtrooper armor after wearing it once and added electronics and speaker system in helmet with no feed back.( that took all year)
put together a set of clone trooper armor.
rebuilt a KelloggÂ’s ep2 helmet
made a clone pistol(not screen accurate but cool any way)
Adama's lighter from BSG the new series


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Originally posted by rigormortis+Dec 30 2005, 11:36 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(rigormortis @ Dec 30 2005, 11:36 PM)</div>
<!--QuoteBegin-The Wook
@Dec 30 2005, 07:50 PM
I'm not a prop builder, so I don't have a long list of items like you guys.  But I did make this in 2005.

And an awesome job you did with it. I am still amazed. ;)

It's great .. By hte way, how did the baby taste ? :p

DL 44 Blaster

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I FINALLY finished painting my ESB Fett helmet and completed my ESB costume...still waiting to get a mannequin though.

ANH E-11

Was a slow year overall.

2006 to complete/ on workbench

ESB Electrobinoculars
ANH Stunt Sandtrooper
ANH Stunt Stormtrooper

FINALLY am going to buid my prop display room....I've got a killer Death Star theme planned for a long time....


Boba Frett

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Slow for me this year.

Built 6 hardware sabers , including a mini Graflex for my daughter:)

Assembled , painted and weathered a Armor FX Stormtrooper helmet , that had been in a box for about 5 years.

Built about 15 Vader belt boxes.

And started making my own Vader armor from scratch. 98% done :D

And finally converted my Graflex three cell , to a ESB.

Now things I started and never finished is a long,long list

The Wook

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Originally posted by rigormortis+Dec 30 2005, 09:36 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(rigormortis @ Dec 30 2005, 09:36 PM)</div>
<!--QuoteBegin-The Wook
@Dec 30 2005, 07:50 PM
I'm not a prop builder, so I don't have a long list of items like you guys.  But I did make this in 2005.

And an awesome job you did with it. I am still amazed. ;)

Thanks for the :thumbsup . Much appreciated.

And to answer Kris' question, like chicken. ;)

The Wook

Darth Lars

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All Star Wars stuff this year... I rushed to get ready for C3 and two local conventions...

Completed Props:
* Scratch built Aayla Secura "promo" lightsaber for a friend
* ANH E-11 blaster, but took it apart...
* Custom mostly-resin DL-44 blaster, but took it apart
- Han ANH Hero flash hider scratch built from plastic bottle caps, metal pipes, sculpey, washers, wood and epoxy putty. :love It was almost finished when I found the real part...

* Sculpted belt buckle for a friend's Padmé handmaiden battle dress
* Rebel Fleet Trooper outfit:
- Sewn jacket.
- Trimmed and put together two Rebel Fleet Trooper helmets. (sold one)
- Mod'ed pants and shirt, made belt buckle and rank badge
* Imperial officer's rank badge

Still unfinished:
* Greedo Killer, with scratch built scope, scope bracket and grill.
* ESB E-11 blaster:
- installed lights, lenses and brass parts in resin M19 scope, hid power wires in new scope rail.
- special greeblies for sides and scope rail

New things do in the new year
* Replace resin parts of MGC DL-44 cast with scratch built parts: "working" trigger etc.
* Complete my ANH Obi-Wan, Luke and Vader lightsabers with more accurate parts. :)
* Build some stands, racks and boxes. I've got to find a source of cheap plexi...


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I did alright for my first year in the hobby.

-Trimmed, Built, Painted, Weatherd my TE Sandtrooper Armor & Helmet
-Rebuilt a Kellogg's Clone helmet.
-Moded & painted a Sigma Six toy into a DC-17 that came out alright.
-Painted a DC-15 Short blaster
-Made Clone boots from the Rebok Realst shoe from C-DUB's tutorial
-Started my shocktrooper Armor.

For Next Year

-Finish Shocktrooper Armor
-Start and Finsh JM helmets
-Star Republic Commando
-Snow Trooper
-White Boba Fett Helmet

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Not a very productive year for me, work-wise - no film work this year, so I had to scrounge around for other work... had to diversify a bit - did some industrial pattern making and a little toy prototyping...

Had plenty of time for personal projects, but I wasn't too terribly productive there either - guess I'm just plain lazy :lol

Here's what I did do though...

I did a custom Lobster Johnson figure conversion:


The character is from the mind of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola - sort of a 1930's - 1940's crime fighter...


My take was definitely stylized, using a 10" Mattel Justice League Animated Flash figure:


I also did another Hellboy comic book prop - a 16th century Romanian alchemist's pendant, from the miniseries "Almost Colossus"


Then for the custom lightsaber contest this year I did the Doc Ock saber:


And then I returned to the custom figure conversions - this time a Hellboy conversion using a 10" Mattel Justice League Animated Batman figure:






After that, I started on Emperor Zombie's medallion, from the brilliant and absurdly funny Mike Mignola comic "The Amazing Screw-On Head" - I got so far as molding it, but I still haven't cast one yet...


I just recently finished painting a fan-made comic Hellboy bust:


And here are a couple things that I've had in the works for a bit, and am still tinkering with - a sheath for the DUNE Crysknife that I used to offer:


And a reconstruction project on another DUNE prop - the so called "Tarpel gun." The upper piece is part of the original pattern from the film production, which I borrowed from a friend - I scratch-built the grip section and will be making the thing a whole again, after I make a resin casting of the original piece...




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Thats some awesome stuff you guy'z are makin

Here'z what I made

Some pieces for a proton pack



Ghost Trap


Thats about it
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