What can I do about green mold that appeared on plaster molds?


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Last night I saw that in the two plaster molds that I made has appeared green mold. My guess is from the humidity in the plaster. I haven't found anything about my problem anywhere, so I decided to ask you guys here.

Should I throw the molds, or just clean them? And what should I do to prevent it from happening again?
Thank you!


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Sprits on some bleach and let it sit for awhile. The bleach will kill the mold spores. Just keep an eye on it for a return. Rinse and repeat.:)
Thank you for your reply!
So, what can I do to prevent that from happening to future molds?
My guess is that I should get a dehumidifier, because i think the problem that my the humidity in the room, and the humidity of the big plaster mold didnt let the plaster cure .
Maybe dry the mold in a very low temp oven. Say at about 200 degrees or less. Eliminate the moisture. Find a container that seals well and put the mold in with some desiccant packs and store the mold that way.
Right. Bleach or simple chlorine will work. and a dry plaster mold will prevent new mold too. Don't lay the molds directly on the floor, so that air can surround it. Plaster molds need very long to get completely dry and they tend to suck the moister out of the air, so a dry and warm room is needed for storing.
As others have said cool dry storage,we use silica pouches and cotton swabs, POP is pourous so will take moisture out the air as well as a cold or damp floor..
I had to bin a ton of dental casts a while back but then dry saliva was also an issue..
Ive had horrendous casts returned in blue/green mold when dental team think its ok to return models in a plastic bag full of water pft..

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