What book is this? (Chulthu / occult)

Fu Manchu

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Hi everybody, I saw today an exposition of film terror props here in Madrid and they had this intriging book. It has some intricated desing and two (Chulthu?) markings on the spine.

Very spectacular piece /prop or whatever it is. I couldn't ask anybody what is this, someone knows where this come from?



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Fu Manchu

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Uops I should have know that since I'm from Spain :facepalm:lol

Many thanks. In person is an impressive piece of art, some serious artisan work here. It looks ancient and authenthic and the engravings are unreal. The best work on a book I've seen in my life.

I really would like to replicate it, I know a crafter how could do it. If I manage to start a project on this I would likely do a run to pay the artist salary for crafting it. I guess it would not be hard fulfilling the run on this...

The other way I guess is contacting the spanish FX studio who made it. Maybe they still have the moulds... We'll see.
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