What bandsaw/scrollsaw would you guys recommend?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by KwameDude, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. KwameDude

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    So I'm looking to purchase a saw finally, Mainly because its so hard to cut thicker styrene with an exacto blade, and I also Would like to get back into wood props. I would mainly be cutting up to 1/4 of an inch styrene, but i would also want one that could handle material up to an inch. What should a go with? a band saw or a scroll saw, and what brand and model? My price range is 150-200$
  2. NormanF

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    Srollsaw. No idea about make and model.
  3. Rebelscum

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    An inch thick would be too much for a scroll saw, unless you were cutting styrofoam.

    It would have to be a band saw.

    There are lots of them out there, so what you get kinda depends on your budget. By and large, up to about $800, you pretty much get what you pay for. Larger capacity and more power as you spend more money.

    If you need to do intricate work on the saw, almost any of the name brands can use a Carter guide set that will allow you to use a tiny blade and make intricate curves.
  4. Superkrates

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    For your price range/needs, look for a used Sears 12" bandsaw on craigslist. They use a variety of 80" blades that are easily available (you'll want to use a 14+ tooth blade for plastics) and replacement parts are still stocked by Sears, too - if you happen to find one that just needs a bearing at a yard sale for $10 (like I did five years ago).
  5. micdavis

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    If you have the shop/floor space. Nothing beats a band saw. Must have, if you ask me.
  6. robn1

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    If you're looking to buy new, an 8in saw fits your budget. I have a Delta, and I recently broke the blade tension bracket. It was made of cast metal and it snapped very easily. I looked at a Ryobi saw at the store, same size and price, but the bracket was made from stamped steel. I'd recommend this over the Delta.
  7. feek61

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    I have a Ryobi (9") and have never had any trouble with it. For material like plastic and wood it's great and you can pick them up new for only about $120 bucks.
  8. shenphong

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    If you are on a budget and have space issues, I'd recommend the Ryobi and possibly the harbor freight band saw. I own both and I'll repeat what robn1 said about the ryobi. It's lasted me 3 years now with continual use and still going strong. The HF was given to me by a friend who cleared out his dad's garage after his passing. While I've only just gotten it this past winter. It seems to be working pretty well where many of the HF items are a hit and miss. The saw was owned by his father for about a year and a half and after some cleaning and tightening on it, seems to be working like a charm, although accuracy on it is a bit off.
  9. The WoodChuck

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    WoodChuck here. I have an old 14 inch Delta band saw that takes a 93 1/2" blade.
    I have a set of Carter ball bearing guides and have replaced the tires a few times,
    but this saw takes a lot of abuse. I also have an Excaliber Scroll saw with 30 inch arms
    so I can cut big pieces. Dewalt uses the same parallel arm system, but there are a lot
    of problems with the electronic sped control circuit board in the Dewalt. A friend has had to buy to of the PCB'w within the last year. the Excaliber is 18 years old and never had a problem with it.
  10. KwameDude

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    yeah Space is an Issue, Yeah sorry I'm such a noob at power tools. But what would you guys recommend for MDF up to an 1"? Would i be able to rough cut the 1' mdf with a jigsaw and then go back and clean it up with the scroll saw?
  11. HadronMM

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