What are YOU working on?


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All I am short is a powercell. Going to try and fab one from Venkman71's plans.

This one is for my girlfriend :)

Here is what I have been working on. (With special thanks to Micdavis for providing mega advice and an awesome workspace :)



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1)Sandtrooper "dimpled" handback mould.
2)Yet another lightsaber hilt (just needs weathering.)
3)New sandtrooper backpack
4)Making small adjustments to my recently "completed" TE sandtrooper armor & weathering. (as if I'll ever be able to call it "done" :lol )

DL 44 Blaster

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Finishing up my Stormtrooper & Sandtrooper helmets.....just gotta put the weathering on each.

Next up is ESB Electrobinoculars. An old RA cast.


SG Merc

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I'm working on a Quiznos Sierra Smoked Turkey at the moment ...

Prop-wise, I'll be *molding up a Stargate SG-1 item to be offered to the community soon.

*Just as soon as the weather goes above freezing.


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In the works
1) still looking for a barrel to go in new series BSG pistol. That's the last component for completion
2) Acrylic display stand for above BSG pistol
3) Firefly "The Message" radio conversion
4) Two Denix mausers for Solo ANH and ESB blasters.
5) Two Nerf guns, one repaint and one major over-haul

Soon to be starting
1) Convert APH-6 into an X-wing Helmet - material collected, plans laid out, just need to get the above projects off the work table
2) Kellogg's AotC Clone Trooper Helmet, purchased and awaiting shipping


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i got a movie cast green goblin helmet waiting for the flip paint, and i just got my spiderman 2 patterns back from the printers.

Rick Hanson

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At the moment, I'm trying to cram an airsoft revolver into a set of Matsuo BSG blaster shells.

It's not going well. :lol


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I am working on a series of working ST DS9 PADDs with lights, sounds, and buttons.

I have already completed a working small Voyager PADD. It is really tight for electronics, but I made it fit without having to make the shells thicker. I even managed to put in a rechargeable battery which gives me about 7-8 hours of runtime. I made a short video of the PADD if anyone wants to see it. I am at gmros@cogeco.ca.

Great work everyone.



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Hmm lets see

-Finishing Dr Doom movie helmet sculpt
-Molding Hellsing 454 Casull
-Fixing up my Stray Dog panzer cop armor
-Finishing up Seburo C-X kit


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New Series BSG Raider with lights
Studio Scale V Shuttlecraft molds
Mal Pistols


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man, I haven't done jack lately unless you count my pickle tutorials :unsure

I did get one of these from a friend recently though.

Does anyone happen to have a good reference shot of the airators? I need to make them from scratch I guess... (you can PM me if you want- don't want to derail this thread)


Skalen Fehl

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On my current list:

1. Sandtrooper backpack (finish attaching straps)
2. Tusken Raider costume
3. ROTS Imperial Officer uniform.
4. MG-15 Blaster for Sandtrooper
5. Gaffi sticks


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Just Finished this Lost in Space 1st season Ray Gun.


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I'm up to my neck in projects. :lol

The big ones(for me):
1:1 Boushh
1:1 Clonetrooper
1:1 ESB Yoda

The itty bitty ones:
ROTJ Vader saber
ESB Luke saber
Finish my ANH Obi Wan saber
Repaint and weather my blasters

I only have a pic of my Obi Wan grenade available, so here she is:
The weathering is intentional :)


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Finished this display last night to show off the first two Serenity bills that were posted in the Free Paper Props and Crurrency of the Verse threads:


I've also got a display of new BSG rank and wing pins (from MJF over at ASAP) that is still waiting for more ranks to be worked out/made, but here's how that stands for now:


In the works are Milton's Red Stapler and a very special Blade Runner project that'll be in the JY in about 3 weeks, so stay tuned for that.