What’s on Your Workbench? (Star Wars items only)


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Finishing up some Cad Bane (BoBF) boot rockets


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- Completely repainting an old 1:48 X-wing kit that I did as a teenager
- working on completely custom 1:1 Mando helmet based upon my custom bounty hunter design
- Numerous SW Bandai kits
- custom slave Leia statue
- Finishing up painting my Rubies Mando blaster
- replace my vinyl Boba Fett kit statues helmet with more accurate one
- finish up my custom 1/8 scale SW resin custom bounty hunter statue
- keep acquiring parts for my 1:1 ESB Fett


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I'm printing some miscellaneous lightsaber parts with my new resin 3d printer, and testing Alclad chrome on them with my new airbrush (among some non-Star Wars things).

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So.. they don’t exactly fit on the workbench, but these are what I’m working on. Both full Lifesize figures.

Din has had his helmet replaced and a chest Diamond installed since this photo. I just have to weather all the leatherwork and then he is done, excluding any little tweaks here and there.

Bo is missing the belt and a head. Both of which I hope to remedy soon. I will also be adding her jetpack but that will be quite a ways off in the future.


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Working on some greebles and electronics to go inside a star destroyer capacitor bearing,

space is tight, just wont to add a flashing led to the vac valve. the light sensor worked the opposite of what I was hoping, so trying out a magnet reed switch instead, so it just turns on when it’s opened.


Also a chance to improve my metal work skills. Not much to look at at the moment but it’s a Fun little project to fill a gap between bigger things.
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