Weyland-Yutani props/wardrobe for a fan film


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This is something I did a while back for our Blade Runner fan film. I was digging through my boxes as we are about to relaunch production, and thought some of you guys on the RPF might dig seeing this stuff.

Our replicants in the fan film are owned by Weyland Yutani, and escape from a WY mining facility off world. The idea was that we would give them clothing and props close to what we saw in Alien 3.

Used various techniques to weather and stain the clothing. The screen printing of the logos was done where I work. I was only a little happy with the printing, as I asked the printers to print them wrong, and make them look as old and faded as possible, one hit, then flood and pick up. But it didn't happen that way. Thanksfully the clothing looks pretty good on screen.

Here is an OD bag. Got this from the surplus store for about $10.

I used a sharpie marker to draw a "weather" logo on the bag.

Here is a few shots of the wardrobe we made for the replicants.

And here is a screen cap of one of our replicants.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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I am a sucker for anything Weyland-Yutani.
Man, I am right there with you. :eek It was really fun making thee at work, even though they didn't turn out how I wanted them to. I got a geek smile out of it.

What's gonna happen to the costumes once you're done?
Not really sure. We have built up quite a wardrobe for our films at this point. And we're going to be making a couple of short Aliens style fan films this year, so I think we'll find a use for them. Hope so. :D



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Because of Gabe's relentless peer pressure  :p
My name is a killing word... You chose... wisely. :D

- Gabe
Looks great.
I know the original Alien 3 costumes were made by westead Leather (now leather concesionaires in North London) Peter Botwright once told me they made them and buried them in binbags of dirt and oil to make them truly dirty and smelly.. yuk



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Peter Botwright once told me they made them and buried them in binbags of dirt and oil to make them truly dirty and smelly
Yeek. :lol

It's suipposed to be movie "magic"..

I have found food coloring works great for staining cloths, and you can mix colors, add water for desired consistency.