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    So I've decided to start work on a new full outfit. One of the costume parts will be large pauldrons. As the costume is going to have to be made from scratch I am yet to determine the best size for the pauldrons (the reference I have indicates they are quite large - potentially space marine size).

    Question is, how do you attach these pauldrons to your body? Have done a bit of a search and noted a number of different ways - including floating pauldrons (velcro), a vest that has them strapped etc. For such large pauldrons though (and if I base the build on the space marine design), is there a better way to have them attached? I can't image velcro would allow them to sit properly, let alone bear the weight. A vest that straps to the inner pauldron may be the best way to go. The other alternative is to extend the front and rear corners of them down to attach to the chest piece. This could be viable as the reference does have 2 circular badge pieces on either side of the

    Also, with movement, I am concerned the size of them will limit arm forward and rear movement. This will obviously depend on how they are attached as well.

    Any ideas?
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    Totally agree I cut mine down didn't want the t-rex look I used the Sylgian way, endo-skeleton with a L balanced then attaches. :thumbsup

    It counters the movement just flows with movement, doesn't just hang there and restrict movement.

    You have to remember we are extending our legs with stilts to get the height, but not our arms unless you want to add extensions like lifeburn did his.

    Hope this helps :D
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    Thanks Mockle. I'll check out the Sylgian option on your build and see what I can use from that. Mine isn't a space marine build so it doesn't have the leg extensions - however the build is related somewhat. I'm looking to do the original Chaos Warrior that was part of the game "Hero Quest". I bought the game when it first came out before Warhammer and over the last couple of years have started to play it again on and off with my kids. Never played Warhammer but know of the relationship.

    The issue I see is that, if I run with the references I have, the shoulders could look extremely out of place. What I might do is build the rest of the costume first and then scale the shoulders to fit.

    If you look at the original Chaos Warrior (http://www.zum-teufel.de/images/forum/minis/hq/chaos.jpg) the shoulders are quite high and large. However, later warhammer variations have a more traditional pauldron setup (http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/1282/dsc01129g.jpg). The complete armor setup is actually very different. The original, in comparison, seems very basic. It may pay to do a bit of a hybrid instead.

    What I wouldn't mind is some additional screen shots of the Warhammer version I have linked to get a better idea of the entire figure. It's a blurry pic but probably the closest version I have found that matches the original.

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