War Of The Worlds Fighting Machine


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looks awesome. totally worthwhile putting in a diorama like that.

Nice. I've always liked that design......and the album...
me too. my brother had it on vinyl, and i got it on CD when it came out. i recently got the dvd of the live show they did. fantastic and worth getting if you want something to watch while listening to the music.


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The concept album is an old, old favorite of mine, I saw the live show on it's first tour, and Mike Trim's (Designer of almost all Gerry Anderson hardware, another great influence on me) Fighting Fachine design is a classic, but over the years, having read and re-read the novel, it's not how I see the Tripods- it's not got big enough tentacles for a start!



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A few new pictures of what is now an old model. Spacex are putting up a better fight than the Georgian Royal Navy I suspect.



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Photobucket doesn't work anymore even when I go to your library and 'dig around'. What good is a photo sharing site if you can't share photos. I'd recommend switching to something else or using the "More Reply Options" to access the RPF file upload feature & provide copies directly to RPF.
Regards, Robert

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I recommend Imgur for image-serving. They have a rule that says you shouldn't use them for just image-serving, even though they provide the tools and link generators in their interface... I get the feeling they're actually OK with it as long as you share some images with the Imgur community from time to time.

Photobucket and Imageshack have both tried to monetise themselves and failed spectacularly - no one wants their images replaced by ads, funnily enough...

On-topic: My grandfather introduced me to this album back when I was a whippersnapper. I didn't understand what it was about until years later, but I loved the cover artwork.

I hope you get your image issues sorted - I'd love to see how this has turned out :)


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Sorry about that, it is most annoying. I have looked for a file upload option for posting a reply to the rpf but can't seem to find one (I am using my phone not a computer).
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