Wanted old BSG Hi Res. screen caps

Lynn TXP 0369

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I'm looking to redo my BSG SS displays and I want pics of the real SS props in their real environments

I'm looking for some really good Hi Res Screen caps preferably in the 1-2 MB range for good printing quality.

I'm looking for some screen caps of the Raiders flying in a "single file wave formation" of 3 or more and just some good clear pics of some Vipers single or two in flight.

I have got Jeese's model DVD's that has some pics on it, but I really need some good Hi Res quality pics that can be printed out at 11" X 14".

Even production stills would work if they are what I'm looking for.

Please post here with links or email me at lnlbar@epix.net



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Hi Lynn.

I don't think you'll be able to get a result that good enough with screencaps from DVDs, simply because the the resolution isn't big enough (720x576 pixels PAL, can't remember NTSC).

I think you'll get the best result, if you could scan (or get scans of) photographs (old lobbycards etc.).

Hope this will get you in the right direction.

I would gladly help with screencaptures, but as I said, the result wouldn't be great in such a large print.



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I have the DVDs and could make some screen caps, but I agree, I'm not sure how well they will print. I have seen some Ebay auctions for posters that might better fit the bill. (maybe cut down?)

Lynn TXP 0369

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Thanks for the offers guys.
I didn't realize that printing screen caps would not come out that great.

I have been looking at BSG for the poster books on eBay, but I have no clue at what ones to look for without buying them all.

Any tips or leads on which poster books to look for?