Want to build the dlt 19 heavy blaster


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I have came across the dlt 19 heavy blaster rifle. I cannot find a template so I can start to build it to go with my desert mandalorian or sando. I plan on becoming a official member within a year or less and really think this could be the last weapon I need. Any help would be great

Darth Lars

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In case you haven't already, do check out the 501st Legion detachment forums: both www.whitearmor.net (for Stormtroopers) and mepd.net (for Sandtroopers). I know I've seen blueprints and templates there before.
You should also find reference images of the real thing and many threads with people building their own blasters.


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It's common knowledge (at least in the SW community) that the dlt 19 is actually a MG34. Plenty of online resources for the MG34.

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