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Sooo im looking for Rick Grimes Jacket, Walking_Dead_Jacket_Rick_Grimes__38287_zoom.jpg271FEFD500000578-3017513-image-m-108_1427697976357.jpg
Ive been thinking this one http://www.newamericanjackets.com/product/the-walking-dead-rick-grimes-season-5-jacket.html . Wonder what you guys think :)
I think people are unsure what you are asking,

If you're asking if its accurate, certainly seems to be.
The only thing i can see that may be innacurrate is the poppers on the sleeve cuff, supposed to be 2 each but you cant tell with their images
I don't think the pockets on the show coat are zippered. Maybe. But I can't see it in the pictures you've posted.
And the pockets on the coat they are selling look to be on the wrong angle.

It just sorta' screams 'knockoff' to me.
It's a replica rather than the same jacket, Rick's jacket to my knowledge is a UGG Brown Belfast Suede Bomber Jacket with the pockets altered to remove the zips (you can actually see some loose threading in the first of those two images where the zips were).

As far as I know though, it's been out of production for a while so you may be in for a hunt to find one.
I own the original jacket and can tell you it is impossible to find. There are some good replicas though, the best one currently made can be found on ebay by the seller White Sheep Leather, it even has the stretch fabric panels on the sides, as does the original one. It does not have the correct zippers, nor the quilted inner lining of the real jacket.
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I own the white sheep jacket. You can see it in my own Rick grimes thread. It's as close a replica as I've been able to find, and I actually like it so much I regularly wear it all the time. It's a warm, well made jacket, my only problem is the lining on the collar could be better quality, but that could most likely be modded if you like. Hope this helps!!

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Alright thanks! Think il go with the same one as you :) can anyone find a picture of ricks jacket from behind? ( In the show ) Cant seem to find it anywhere now :s ( just to compare the jacket with the on in the series )
Well, it's your choice but the collar is actually not correct. The zipper is supposed to go all the way up along the edges of the fur collar. If I were you I'd pick up the one from White Sheep Leather. It has the correct collar and has the ribbed fabric side panels and underarm pieces.
Razor here changed my mid right before i was about to order, ive now just orderd the one from Sheep. btw in some scenes/pictures his jacket looks black, in others it looks kinda brown ish, or is it just me? :s Tnx for the help anyway :D
So, even though I keep looking regularly, I apparently missed 3 listings on eBay already without even knowing it (2 were UK-only so they never turned up in my search results).
I already have one myself as well, so I don't really care, but I saw that one was sold for a mere 80 pounds (!!!). The insanity! :eek Especially considering the fact that one was sold earlier for 900 US dollars! Equally insane, but somewhat more understandable.
Yes my auction was UK bidders only one and at first I got out bid by £5 which really hacked me off, so I sulked for a while, and out the blue got a second chance offer as the original buyer was from overseas so ended up paying £225 which was a bargain as they cost over $600! new even before the popularity of the walking dead.And on a second note my jacket is like new!!
I'm on the hunt for one of these in either a medium or large if anyone has one! I've also got the Levi's Tobacco Field jacket if anyone with an Ugg might be interested in swapping!

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