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Just wanted to know if anyone here has a copy of the book (Wah Ming Chang: Artist and Master of Special Effects). It's a bio book on his life and work and I was wondering if it has any pics or info on the Vulcan Harp that he built.

I have many other Star Trek books but there's no pics or info on this prop. From what I've read, this piece was a non-working prop made of fiberboard and wood, and was lost or stolen many years ago.

Other than the TOS DVD's and some photographs, there's not much reference I could find on this.

I'm interested in the harp built for the original series by Chang, not the later "working" version for the movie and later TV Trek spin-offs built by a San Diego guitar shop. (they have one on display inside Star Trek the Experience in Las Vagas at the Hilton). I was dissappointed with this prop as it uses a guitar tail piece to anchord the strings, and is very different than TOS version.

Thanks in advance.... Nick
I have the book... somewhere. I'll check when I get home tonight and see if there's any info.
Hi Nick,
I found the book and checked the chapter about Trek - unfortunately, no mention is made of the harp.
Not sure if you're familiar with this book, it's for young readers and doesn't go into painstaking detail on construction techniques for anything at all, really. It was created especially for school libraries as part of Enslow Publishing's Multicultural Junior Biographies series. Wah sent me a copy several years ago when I was compiling a story on him for SF&F Models Effects Special Magazine.
It's a great book to have considering the dearth of available material about him, but certainly not an essential reference volume on any of his creations.
Sorry I couldn't find anything for you.
Thanks Anthony,

Yhea, I know it was a bio book written for kids, jut thought it might have some reference pic or info not found on other Trek books.

Thanks again..... Nick
Replicator1701......Very Nice work. Better than the licensed harp IMHO.

Funky.... Yep, I am building this little piece. I have a friend who's been bugging me to do this for years since he think I'm the ideal guy for the job since I'm a both Luthier and a super prop geek.
It will be accurate to the one seen on TOS, and will be a functioning harp with braced soundboard and a vibrato knob.
I'll also build a few non-working (cheaper) display versions too.

I'm getting back into the bass guitar business next year with a new shop in Houston, so I thought I tackle this prop before I get too busy and make a few people happy :)

Can't vouch for the validity of these but you're welcome to them.













SurferGeek, Thanks for the post.

I believe those are from the updated version of the Star Trek Starfleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph.

I already have a copy of it.... It's pretty good, but not accurate.
I do like how he figures out real world functions to Trek props in his books.

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