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Shaunn Lawrence

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Hey Guys! This is my first REAL ATTEMPT at a "Vulcan Mastera" costume

I based it on the costumes worn by the "Kohlinar Masters" seen on Vulcan when Spock goes to claim his "Kohlinar Necklace", in Star Trek, the Motion Picture.

I also added a few touches from Ambassador Sarek's Robes, primarily in the shortness of the sleeves, and the detailing on the outer arm area.

Luis Valentine (pictured) wore this costume at the Con in Vegas this year and won "Second Place" in the costume competition...only because the contest was rigged for a "BORQ" to win the contest..7-years in a row now!

So? As far as I am concerned? Luis is the ONLY WINNER!

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Shaunn
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Thanks Apollo! I really appreciate it. This costume But? The more detail that went on it? The HEAVIER it became.

LOL LOL POOR GUY! To protect Luis's shoulders, I had to add some "Upholstery grade Foam/padding" so his shoulders didn't fall off. :)
Looks real good! What did you make it from?

Also, showing my lack on intelligence with "Pop" culture (I use the term pop loosely) What's BORQ?
Um...I may have misspelled about "The BORG"?

(as in..Resistance is Futile). What did I make his costume out of?

Several things. The "Body" of the costume is "Canvas/Sail Cloth", the various sections of color, were just pieces of fabric I already had in my collection, as I am an admitted "Fabric-Aholic" collection of materials is rather extensive.

Most of the fabric seen on this costume came from the Upholstery department at your local "Jo-Ann" fabric store. With very few exceptions...The Antique Gold Metallic fabric, was purchased in the "Garment District" here in Los Angeles. As were the Upholstery Tassles, and the "Glass Beaded Fringe" on the back of his right shoulder.

The "Shoulder Wings" have a Plastic Mesh under them, to give it much needed body, and proper support. The Fabric used on the Outer Robes with the 13th Chinese Dynasty "Bell Shaped Sleeves", was a fabric I had chosen to replace my "Gandalf ,the Grey" Cloak...but it proved to be the wrong color (sadly), so I gave it to Luis instead.

It has a GREAT "Home Spun" weave to it.

The Black Border on all the colored sections was again..taken from the "Vulcan Masters" costumes seen in "Star Trek, the Motion Picture".

But? To save time, I decided to use common everyday 1" wide Bais Tape.

There are (3) Levels to his costume:

1). Long Sleeved- Under Robe.
2). Elaborate Over Robe with "13th Chinese Dynasty" bell Shaped Sleeves.
3). "Vulcan Mantle", which just hangs off of the shoulders, but is properly weighted so it doesn't shift around.

I used my 28 year old patterns from "V" The Final Battle, to correctly shape over his shoulders...why re-invent the wheel? Right? :)
I also used some of my LEFT OVER, or SURPLUS "Jedi Fabrics" on his costume as well...I mean? Why just leave the stuff "Laying Around", when it can be used for something else.

The "Hood" on his costume is a "Jedi Knight's Hood", which I thought was a little bit TOO BIG for his body size...Luis is only 5' 6" tall.

But? He really loved It remained unaltered.

I also noticed in the film, that the "Vulcan Masters" had the same "Pattern" on their Costumes, that was imbedded in the rough rock hunne steps, and raised Dais that they are all standing on.

So? I included that design on Luis's costume, on the "Train" that flows behind him on the ground..(Which is lined in Clear Plastic).
Hi Shaunn!

What ever happened to that Jedi Knight material that was purchased for the costume that you never made for me?

Remember the $250.00 down I gave you and the fabric that was purchased for it?

Is it on Luis' Vulcan costume?
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