Vocoder part's RotS Reveal Mask


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Well anyone has may an idea what this is:

The hole inside looks like a hexagon socket .

Looks like there is a f Z written on the underside.

Thank's for any thought.
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Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

Hi m8

As you said it looks as if the centre is a hex, which would indicate a countersunk set screw, which might also account for the 'fz' as they often have a spec stamped into them. I would go for alloy tube with countersunk set screw in the end, you just need to work out the size to get to correct screw.

It doesn't look like a bullet casing because it looks alloy, and going by the size would say a .22 rimfire at most, but then the wall looks too thick, plus they would normally be brass.

Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

A countersunk set screw...:rolleyes...yes..oh man thank's a lot.
Would say that fit perfect, the left one is not 100% in center , so may cause they got glued in.Would made sense.
Sometimes i not see the forrest cause of to many trees!
Thank's man :thumbsup

BTW. Any idea what the parts are left and right on the mouth piece? :love
This round silver things with this strange silver circuit points .
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Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

You were right, here a better pic, great eyes!

Any idea what this other parts came from?
Looks like a sparkplug connector and sparkplug wires.
Those plugs fit perfect in this kind of tube, so i would guess these parts belongs together.

Any thought's?

Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

Hi m8

I would say the end bit is held on with another set screw going by the tiny amount of hex you can see from the end so could be something as simple as an alloy spacer, but the only thing I have seen that remotely looks like the other bit with two pipes running from it is a fluid control valve, the sort you have with dental tools that controls the flow of water when the drill is switched on and off. It's a long shot but seeing as they also used those other dental bits on the forehead could indicate they had a box of dental related odds and ends.

Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

If this is from ROTS I wouldn't be surprised if many parts were machined or cast custom from designs. I think the days of so many found parts are over for movies.

That being said, the countersunk screws were a good find! That tubing looks like something from an auto parts store or a vacuum/hose shop.
Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

Hey Jarr, thank's again for your thought's.

So you mean this valve could be something like this part here?:

This alloy spacer seems also a good point to start a new search.

But as thd9791 said, many parts where made in a laser cutter or machined.
I realy wouldn't be suprised if this parts where custom made.

The only guy's which would know it for sure are Don Bies or maybe Fettpride.
So Don or Chris if you are arround here, you are welcome.
Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

that valve looks quite close, just need to find some small alloy tube and fittings and unless you want to be super picky most poeple could never tell the differeance, and while as they said many parts were custom made, the reveal mask has a huge amount of borrowed stuff on it looking at previous builds on here.

Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

It's not that i'm super picky , it's more that i currently working on a three piece RotS reveal mask and want to make it as close as possible.:cool
Well it should be a prop replica , not simply A reveal mask ;)

May i should open a " RotS reveal collar interior " thread, but cause RotS is realy disliked i'm sure no one will noticed it.
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Re: Bullet Casing on RotS Reveal Mask??

Any other idea about this valvething?
I'm sure it's not a valve or any other functional part.
It looks like painted , so i would guess it comes from a model construction set.
A gastank or a part from a engine.

Any suggestion?

Some bigger pic's:

Hi there. Yes indeed. Take a look at my gallery if you want :)

I mean the two parts left and right beside the vocoder.
Where those silver wired plugs get in.
As said , couldn't find a valve which match in size or look.
For a piston it's to small only ca. 20mm x 10 mm in total size.
I think the only one which would know it for sure is Don. He build that thing.

The alu-bolts on top of that thing look like selfmade.
Has the look of an old capstan.
looks like a drilled out socket from a socket wrench to me with that line running round the outside edge

Will try to look around for something like this.
But i would more say those "bolts" are custome made cause it's very hard to drill some wrench sockets out.The material is very very hard.

If i could get in contact with fettpride, he sure could help me in that case.
But on these days it's harder to get in contact with him as with the pope himself.
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