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I originally put this in th eJY but it was suggested that I put it here as I may get more responses. Any help would be great..

Ok--I have all the screen caps I need for this. That is not what I am wanting here. I am looking for any information from anyone who knows anything about the location of the original. I dont want the original, I would have to sell my first born to get it.
I want to know where it is and the possibility of getting dimensions or whatever.
I just really need the Ram on the front and the bottle in the rear. Everything else I can pretty much get from the screen caps.
Any help at all would be appreciated.

If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone--that would help.

Machina Artium


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Been there and have sent email already--Thanks

Machina Artium

universal studios orlando have one on display behind a glass case......thats where i got my pics at


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Hi there,

We did a segment on it in issue 9 of Movie FX DVD Videomagazine (actually, all the props). The guys from Applied FX had one at the shop and the prop builder demonstrates how to use it on camera. There website is, but I don't think they want people calling them for dimensions.

You can buy the issue off my



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I don't think they want people calling them for dimensions.
And I believe they've gone out of business, anyway. I heard through the grapevine at the end of last year that they were calling it quits...


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Clay, if you get anything, I hope you wouldn't mind posting the info here.


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Honestly I don't think it's an "hard" prop to replicate, you just need some time, the right tools and a good amount of patience...:D


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well, there is a lot of stuff going on on that thing, not to mention the revolving barrel(cartridge) thing...


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I'm more worried by the metal parts... I can't handle that with my tools...:(
The "cylinder" probably is one of the easiest parts (together with the arms of the bow), if you know someone who could laser cut/engrave I can make the vector template for it, he will cut/engrave that thing out of a plastic/acrylic sheet, then he will just soften it with heat and wrap it up around the base of a cone, and for the "arrows" it's almost the same thing, but instead of the laser thing you need a "solid" arrow to be casted many times to do a sort of "carpet of arrows" and then wrap that thing like the outher "shell"... But I'm just tossing out ideas...:rolleyes