Van Pelt rifle (Jumanji 1995)


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Just wanted to share a pic of a rifle build I just did. Van Pelts rifle from the original Jumanji movie.

Not quite the same but I don't think it turned out bad. Hard to see the carving and checkering on the stock pieces in the pic but they're there. Buttstock, action and barrel pieces 3d printed PLA, Balsa wood cheek piece wet formed to plastic stock then shaped and molded in with bondo to look like all one piece of carved wood. Did carving of leaves along edge of cheek piece to duplicate what's on original and checkering at the grip. Forestock made from a block of balsa, cut in half, hollowed out to fit the barrel and original guns tubular magazine. Glued together, shaped and checking done. Used Alcohol inks to simulate woodgrain on the stock parts. 3D stuff from files found online for a Winchester model 1887 12ga lever action shotgun. The original gun was built off a Winchester model 1901 10ga. lever action. No files available for that one LOL, so went with what was. Magazine from a 12ga Saiga. That's a real "Schuetzen" style buttplate like the original had. Might still tweak it a bit but pretty much done. A fun build for my future Van Pelt cosplay.

373645_0 - Copy.jpg


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That looks incredible Corsair. GREAT build. I've been considering doing one of these with the nerf dart shooting 1887 guns from China.

What we really need is more pics of what you built!
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