Vader faceplate on ebay


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Hi everyone,

I just realized about this faceplate on Ebay, I am newbie but to me looks nice, seems that have some pedigree, even I can see the C-scar :confused , I would like to hear your opinions guys, thanks







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Got 2 twin extra casts up for sale (and this one of em) from one of my pedigree faceplates. 2nd will be sold next week. I had 3 copies made off the one bought for the OT trio I intended to finish but had a change of mind and stuck to a single. This particular mask I believed never had its lower vent chiseled out which makes it unique. It was obtained in the late 90's at a Si-Fi convention. It's pretty rare especially now in light of the EFX offerings only this mask carries remnants of the 1977 Vader artifacts EFX dosent have or has removed. All else seen is original off the primary cast.The cast itself is kinda rough with slight minor damage present on the forhead, side cheeck, and a chip off the neckline. The cast is resin with fiberglass matte.

This item will be carefully and THOROUGHLY REINFORCED when boxed so damage will NOT be an issue.There will a reserve placed. ***Note*** If theres any doubt of your I.D or aka's. being linked to recasting or if your on a present blacklist on any forums, you will be cancelled.

It presents itself as interesting but it may not be all it seems. $400 for a facecast seems silly, to me, unless it is a really unique pedigree piece.

Is this a unique piece? I wonder. It could be a recast of an SPFX for all I know.
Yeah I agree, looks like a TM to me, or probably another faceplate from the UK lineage? I would like to hear more opinions, where is Thomas?
certainly looks like a TM faceplate to me. Even the notches added inside the eye sockects unique to the TM are present on this cast. His feedback shows he's sold another ANH helmet, and another ANH dome. So how many TM owners are in the states? It wouldn't be hard to track down the culprit.
so definitely is a TM recast, just funny how the seller says he won't sell to recasters :confused or maybe is a licit copy?
I have recognised the faceplate by the C-Scar. What does that mean? That all of them are diferent...

Here goes the bomb :lol
The cast looks a bit rough doesn't it? Lots of crap around the eye area which shouldn't be there.

I'm (sadly) sure that by this time next year eBay will be full of eFx recasts, so I can't say I'm suprised if this is indeed a TM recast.
But there's at least one that was sold outside the trusted circle...

You mean the one Dan (Darth Phaeton) sold to a group of recasters with total disregard for the group and the agreement he made with Tom prior to owning one...could be, but there is a major detail on this one suggesting it isnt a descendant of that peticular faceplate.
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