Vader display mannequin


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I'm looking for a tall and large mannequin for my vader costume. What are my options and what are you fellow Vader collectors using to display yours?


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DarkShadow had a line on some great flexible mannequins.....seemed very promising. Haven't heard anything about those in awhile tho...

Durasteel Corporation

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Go fiberglass guys.

Its truly the best combination of:

strength (Im 6'7, nearly 350 lbs and can stand on my fiberglass torsos)

light-weight (can easily pick up and move)

(you can reach inside it, to attach things ....even add speakers ;)

anatomically correct (no 'guess' work, its a real body cast)

I will be adding more photos in the next couple of weeks. I kinda prefer to show off the entire mannequin with arms and legs all at once.

Oh, also...that chest armor is a real, full size movie cast....not a small GT armor. That should give a sense of actual size and proportion.

Email if interested guys.