Vacuum Forming Orange Peel


New Member
I have a Belovac 24x48 vacuum form table. I am pretty new and could use some help. I am using .030 abs plastic and I am getting orange peel. I have the machine set at 55% heat. The problem is that the plastic starts to blister on top before it droops enough to make a really good pull. The ABS also will blister if I leave it long enough to get the right droop.

Does anyone have any tips for me or what I can do to trouble shoot? Is this a plastic problem? I have tried different heat settings, different times, different sheets of plastic. I've gotten some decent pulls as well. But could use some tips about the orange peel


Sr Member
Too much heat too fast. Even fresh ABS will blister if heated too fast. Try moving the plastic away from the heater. .030 should heat ok with just one heater.
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