USCM Shoulder Lamp and Helmet Camera Help?

cayman shen

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I've been on alienslegacy and colonialmarines sites, and there's very little clearly organized info out there on these two items (as opposed to real specific tutorials like Hyperdyne's Motion Tracker). What I want to know is what found items we know (a diver's light and a real camera, I believe), if there are any dimensions or templates, if anyone has good pics, etc. Thanks!

SSgt Burton

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The shoulder lamp body was made from a "Superswitch" intruder alarm box:

These are beyond rare on ebay.

The handle is from a Technisub La Spirotechnique diving lamp:

The lamp itself is a Reflecta video lighting lamp model 3002.

(Unfortuantely I can't find a pic online of it)

The arm that connects the lamp to the body has not been indentified yet.

I don't believe the body of the helmet camera is a found item, but as already mentioned the lens for the helmet cam is a Pentax 110 18mm lens.

The bodies come up as (sometimes poor) resin recasts on ebay occassionally.

For the shoulder lamp... while searching for the found parts is commendable, these are incredibly rare and (if found) could be megabucks. You would probably be better off trying to score a completed replica shoulder lamp or kit.

Happy hunting!

PS- All of the above info is from the Aliens Legacy board. But in fairness I've been there 8 years and knew where to dig.


cayman shen

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Hey, thankks! Yeah, I did check that board, but there was a lot to slog through and search wasn't snagging me what I was looking for...I appreciate the help. Those are great images if I decide to go the scratchbuilt route.