Up Coming Fan Film Due 2014 Need Fan Opinions And Help


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i am making this with the 7 inch figures the movie shall be very long and will take atlease a year 2 make

figures needed
elois(there is no fugure for her but i will make 1)
atlease 5 more aliens
elder neca
berserker(useing mask with out jaw)
tracker(useing mask with out tusks)
falconer(useing mask)
afew classic bodys
5 pred hounds
last 6 lost hunters yet to come out
masked city hunter
alteast 15 marines will probs use some hallo mariens and a afew spartans repainted as battle synthetics only the 1s with the half dome helmet EVA i think idk halo well
celtic mcfarland
chopper mcfarland
3 predaliens
and a queen which is corect sizing to these figures

only afew of the humans will be personalise charecters in this film

this film is going to be a fan film that conects the games movies and comics for example the after avpr the wayland corp find the alien queen frozend in the ice after seeing enough evidence(predator blood) and other things that the story alexa told was true 26 years later wayland corp buys prometheus tech 370 years later the queen has grown stronger still captured buy the corporation un knowen to the humans this queen is part of an ancient breed of xeno 1 able to grow a empress/queen mother the queen they have cannot do it because her groth was cut buy a perminant anti steroid the dark blade clan gave her after the queen breaks free her call is hurd all over the gallexy only who will come to rescue her(elois) who will come to destroy her(the lost hunters) and who will come to capture her(dark blade clan) each has there own reason

she has waged war on the humans they have hunted her since the day she broke free from there research labs

dark blade clan(avp1|movie)
the clan needs her back to start the hunt of all hunts over time aliens hav grown weeker from genoration to genoration of human hosts but this queen is strong still pure and will make the

the lost hunters(predator2|movie)
the hunters have beleaved for a long time the apocolips will be brought buy xenomorphs and they beleave this blood line is going to wipe out the hole existance of predator every where

wayland yutani
a research fasillity on the planet this takes place(still havent made a name ) keeping all the extra terestrial stuff there includeing space jocky stuff security has become awair of both species and afew gaurds hav advanced robot parts making them stronger includeing eyes and joints to make the marines faster and more visilant(tho i will still have scenes in the back ground to take the piss out of them eg marines falling of cliffs and things just like in the avp2010 game fucken dumb asses)

what i need ur help for is music im looking for anything that goes with predators aliens and human army so far i have avp rap(starting song), we are the choosen ones by dream evil(pred) and evolution by korn i will also acsept any help with the story line note that if it gets to farfetch i am not puting it in eg alien king alien carrier alien ravenger these are all stupid creations that get over the top like those crap figures that came out like rihno alien lava planet predator mantis alien snake alien you no what i mean

the space jocky will be involved in this movie if a figure comes out from prometheus befor i start filming
if you are interested in donateing any figures for this movie or have any ideas message me on here or my gamer tag on xbox live ViolentAnarchis
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