underworld evo props- help identify


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The rifle is an HK G36C, Short barreld wit the folding stock and the standard Scope/handrail. Very easy prop to replicate, Tokyo Mauri makes a G36C, and they have the scope and ahnd rail as an extra item. I had one for about two years and it is a very fun toy.


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For what its worth the knives are MUELA spanish made.
I picked the hero up off ebay, actually a very sweet knife(if small).
They apparently used a few, mostly the military issued types...

Originally posted by ortiz34@Jan 21 2006, 08:34 PM
I just saw underworld-evo
i loved it but im a SUCKER for vampire flicks(ouch)

here are a couple pics, can anyone identify what weapons she is using?


matt bond

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The rifle in the pic is just a standard G36K, the C only has two holes in the foregrip while the K has four (as in the movie)