Uncharted (VG) Props


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Since I am working a lot on my Superhero costumes/props, I decided to start a project on a different subject for a break from the superheroes. I am working a many of the props and costumes from the Uncharted series. Mostly from U3 and U4 but some from U1 and U2. I already started on his bandolier from the third one, and his shoulder holster. I will also be working on a full costume and his journal. Any other props you think I should make please say.
I will add pictures soon.


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U4 ???
Or are you talking the NGP game?

As for other props. Some have already been made and are availble. -

Drakes ring and leather necklace - Already available
Drakes coin from U1 - Already available
Drakes other journals
Drakes belt buckle. - Already available
The buckle from U1 occasionally pops up on Ebay, the one from U3 Collectors edition can be picked up on Ebay as well.
The one from the second game doesnt seem to exist though.

Drakes Phurba from U1 - Already vailable(Although finding the licensed version will be hard and expensive, unless you want to take a stab at making your own (no pun intended) or buying one that looks similar.


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When I said U4' I meant the golden abyss. Also here is some W.I.P. pictures for my bandolier. I still have to add the buckle on the second one and add the pouces with bullets.
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