Uncharted Drake's Fortune Press kit


With this item recently selling for $900+ on E bay I decided it's time to see if the prop masters on here can help me re-make this press kit. There is lots of interest in this kit and although I'm pretty sure the box/book can't be re-made itself I want to see if we can re-make the contents of the box.....

Contents list:
Letter decoder
Sampler soundtrack
Media disc and case ( I have disc just need to make cases )
Fold out thing

Going to attempt posting pictures but if not here is some links with the best pictures....

View attachment 75941

Links with pics:
Uncharted: Letter from Nathan Drake (Too awesome for 56K) - GameSpot Forums - System Wars

View attachment 75942

Here is what it says....

Dear Friend,

I'm glad you've taken the time to open this book - it's more interesting than it looks from the cover, right?

However, the fact that you've found it means that I'm in trouble and I desperately need your help. I'm Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter by trade. I'm writing this letter as insurance tonight - tomorrow, I set off on what could be the biggest expedition of my life.

I can't tell you exactly where I am as I am following the trail of my ancestor Sir Francis Drake, who's been dead for four centuries. My mission and my fear - is to find his last treasure. And where there is money there is always trouble. All I know is that it's an island in the Pacific - an island that could contain the greatest treasure the world has ever seen.

Please keep this diary safe - it contains everything I have collected thus far regarding Sir Francis Drake's disappearance. A lot of people want to get their hands on this information, so you would be wise to not contact anyone regarding the diary. It's not safe to go to anyone in my business.

God willing, I will thank you in person - and, of course, reward you for your help.

Nathan Drake
I just came across pictures of the press kit yesterday and would love to see some of the pieces replicated.

I finally played the game a few weeks ago (Picked up the PS3 with Uncharted 3) and am near the end of game two.
The photo with holes is called a Cardan grille. (Not me, Google search'ed it!)

It is a decoding device - you lay it over a piece of written or printed text, and the letters or words that it allows to show through is the message.

BTW, that map looks totally illegible (or I can't see anything from the photos) - what does it have on it?

Incidentally, craft stores or scrap-booking stores may sell small, phony 'books' that are actually boxes, like this one.

Note that I said "may" and "like." The phony book-boxes I've seen are usually pretty fat / thick.

Conversely, you could get a cheap book, gut the innards, and make a new cover for it.

-Mike J.
On the letter I was wondering if any of you guys with photoshop skills could get that picture of the skull off of it so I could print it... Please and thank you
Working on the DVD cover label at the moment.
Can anyone decipher what it says under DVD-03 on the right side?
Looks like 2 lines if print.
@division 6: To identify the text on the label, below DVD 03, is impossible (at least for me). I found some other pics online, and some of them are posted in other Forums. So if you want to do it 100% accurate i recommand to ask one (some) of the collector if they can give you the text. Maybe you have some luck and one of them will share that info. :) All the best for this "quest" ;)

Great pic of the skull by the way... congrats and thanks for sharing!
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