Uncharted the movie (2022)

Okay, some further modifications.
This is if you want a rectangular map with undamaged edges, and then you can weather / cut edges yourself.


  • map 1.jpg
    map 1.jpg
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If it helps, that is the La Concha beach in San Sebastián (Playa de La Concha in spanish)

These are some photos from a similar point of view I found online. It is possible that the photo was custom made for the movie.


In vasque (the other laguage that is spoken in San Sebastian besides spanish) the city is called Donostia, so that could help when trying to find documentation online. Both names are commonly used in spanish anyway.
Thanks. Mine is really a Frankenstein's monster. I meshed a bunch of pictures together. It would be nicer if you could find a real photo from the right angle.
Okay, here's the redo with the higher rez map. The coloration is definitely different, and with only a partial map to work with, I did the best I could to flesh it out.


  • map 5.jpg
    map 5.jpg
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