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Has anyone been able to figure out the proper Henley shirt and brown leather belt worn by Tom Holland in the outfit inspired by Uncharted 3? All I know about the belt is that it's plain leather with a square buckle, and the Henley has two buttons. I can't find a match for either one, and those are the last two pieces I need for that outfit. If anyone can help, please do!

I'd also welcome any info on any other clothes he wears in the film! Particularly that blue henley outfit he wears with the dark cargo pants and dark jacket. Hopefully the images I've attached will help!


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I’m after the same Henley top too.
I was gonna post and ask anyone if they’d ordered from here before:

They seem to offer a replica shirt for sale, but they don’t show any pictures of the shirt they sell. Only shots from the movie.


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Those sites are huge red flags, man. NEVER order from a website that sells "replicas" when they can't show photos of their own product. If you're looking at a Wolverine leather jacket, for example, and the only product pictures you see are of Hugh Jackman from the movie? Run.

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