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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Contec, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Contec

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    I been experiencing problems to view "some" pictures in some posts.
    Sometimes i only know that someone have posted a pictures by checking the post when i press "quote" and see the original posts "img" link code.
    When i try to only use the link i am still unable to see it.
    Like this thread:

    The pictures that are there in OP post are non existing for me....even when i try the link.

    It's not All pictures that are on the site but some...still, because i can't see them they might be more than i think.:confused
  2. Montagar

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    Please try clearing your browsers cookies and cache, restart your browser and try view the thread again.
  3. DaddyfromNaboo

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    You should scan your PC for malware. Another member had similar problems and a scan helped with that.
  4. Rassilon

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    yeah i'm having the same issue.

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