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so what i've done is contact 3 original series star trek tunic makers, and my plan is to have them each make me a gold command tunic, and when i get all three i plan on doing a deep comparison... from the tunic comparison i should be able to get a good dealer review for the three as well...

i have in orders for 2
1 is paid for

and am waiting back on a quick question before i order the third...

i was kind of hopeing that there would be 5-6 different makers out there for a better comparison, but so far i've only found 4...

to be honest i don't have the funds at this time to order from the 4th, but if overtime at work picks up, getting the 4th could be possible...

i'll keep everyone posted but i WON'T post comparison pictures or dealer reviews until i have all 3 ....

stay tuned ---------



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i also thought it might be fun for those watching this thread, for you (the reader) to have the comparisons done without knowing the makers.... a "Blinded Product Test" or would that be "Blind Product Test?"

i can post the comparison pictures, and the dealer reviews, but not match up the two for a little while...

this copied from a product testing webpage --

When to Use Blinded Product Tests
Test product should be blinded when the purpose is to compare product formulations. When blinded product is used, no brand expectations exist; hence, the performance qualities of each formulation being tested are magnified. Blind testing should be conducted during early stages of product development or during restages.

Product tests should be designed to use blinded test product when the manufacturer has the following objectives:

What formulation leads to optimal perceptions?
How do the product components interact? Is there synergy?
Which attributes drive overall product performance/consumer liking?
How does my test product compare to my current product based on formulation alone?
How does my test product compare to my competitorsÂ’ products based on formulation alone?
If a more expensive formulation is used, will consumers notice a difference?
If a less expensive formulation is used, will consumers notice a difference?
Before respondents are exposed to blinded product, the product should be labeled with neutral letters and/or numbers. It is important not to use labels like A or B, or 10 or 100, as there is an implied ranking to these. Labels like J38 and K23 should be used.

When analyzing the results of a blind product test, it is important to recognize that differences between products are typically overstated. This overstatement is acceptable since the goal is usually to maximize the opportunity to see differences. However, if differences are not observed in a blind test, then it is not likely that differences will be observed during an identified test – or in the real world. Even if differences are observed in a blind test, they still may not be recognized in the real world. For that reason, we recommend following up a blind test with an identified test.

stay tuned ---


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Originally posted by WinstonWolf359@Apr 9 2006, 04:17 PM
This should be fun.

Keep us posted.  :)

it should be .. but my check book might argue otherwise..


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at the moment i have 3 on order

1 on order and to be paid when finished
1 on order paid in full
1 on order 1/2 paid balance due when finished