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Not sure if many of you guys across the pond got to see the Gerry Anderson British stuff like UFO- I'm sure many of you have caught a glimpse of Thunderbirds and SPACE 1999. Well UFO was about a secret organisation battling an alien enemy, storylines were cheesy but the models were amazing pictured below is my SkyDiver attack submarine- It's basically a submarine which has a jet fighter attached called Sky One. The model is a kit available from a friend but I've modified it and added my own scratchbuilt details. The front jet interceptor can separate from the main sub body- attached through an internal bolt. Still very much wip, with many more details and countours to shape and fix... hope you like.. Ship is about 38" kit made by a company called Studio 2 here in the UK.

Hulls reworked;






Getting there...








Maybe re-work this Hasbro toy to SS levels while I await Steve Neisen's Tie & Y-wing kits on order....


Thanks all...oh will post my ss Space 1999 Eagle for next week...

Oh watched the show when I was a kid and have the DVDs but have not watched them. I always loved the models . . .urrrrrr . . . I mean ships in that show. This looks great!!!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Thanks chaps for the compliments. Sorry should have realised that UFO was watched Stateside. Yes Sky One is a distinctive design, always reminded me of an F-100 Super Sabre on steroids.....

The SKYDIVER SS is AWESOME - I don't know where I could even display the finished project !!

As for Lt Gay Ellis - Her little clothes changing scene is one of the most famous or popular scenes of the TV series.

They should have her changing clothes in Every episode - maybe it would NEVER have been canceled !!!!
It's from the first episode of Season One.
What I like is the way the guy who is sitting in the 'locker room' doesn't even bother to avert his eyes, much less leave the room - classic pervage.
About time you finished this huh. Ha ha I can say that now :) Nose section, Phils Sky 1 ......From the front Tip of nose to flutes 84mm Front of flutes to end of flutes 77mm, Both meausurments taken from the top. (Sorry Sanjay, Allways thought that nose was a bit to long) Total length of Sky1 is 24 inches. You can do the math, Also the 3 each side track details are not recessed into the main body, they sit on the surface. Apart from that it looks the biz :)

I forgot about this one....thanks Hans Zarkov

Mamas (RCnut)- I tend to lie and it has a negative effect of lengthening the nose of my Skydiver...pity it doesn't work on any other parts of my anatomy.....You are the certifiable UFO geek with that slide rule of yours....anyway I should post up a few pictures - she're pretty much finished just need to airbrush the weathering. Btw RCnut mastered this pattern so check out Studio 2. Hey remember that 1/24 Firefox of yours....well she's on the bench.....
Sanjay (Lazyeagle) Post the pics and do some for the Firefox, Been thinking of pulling one from the moulds to do for myself :)
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