UD Replicas Batman Arkham Knight


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Hey everyone. I received my Arkham Knight suite today, and as expected it is awesome! As you all know sizing is a you-know-what and sure enough the jacket is a tad to small for me even with the padding out. I can get it on and maybe it will stretch a little but it is girdle tight. Also the chest plate looks a little small on me. I guess my upper body build is larger than I thought (I have broad shoulders). I received an XL so if there is anyone out there that received an XXL jacket that thinks they should have gotten an XL, let me know and maybe we can trade or something. Thanks all, and Thank you David for putting out such awesome work.


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There is a facebook ud trading group that you might want to check out. Guys trade out sizes with eachother on their ud suits that they had purchased, but didn't fit.


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did you find a trade partner?

I like the freedom of the xxl jacket, but the 2x pants fall right off. Thinkin XL or evn L would be more in order
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