U.S.S. Lakota Excelsior Class (Work In Progress)


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I'm currently building the Round 2 Enterprise-B but as you can see I have named it the U.S.S. Lakota from the Deep Space Nine episode "Paradise Lost". I'll be getting Delta Quadrant's 1/1000th Defiant kit hopefully next month so I can make it seem like they're attacking each other.

I still need to get DLM's (Don's Light and Magic) aft torpedo launcher piece which I will next month. I will be using the phaser emitter bumps from that to use as the formation lights...I did something similar for my Excelsior build.

Anyways the model was sprayed white and the decals are a combination of original kit decals, JT-Graphics and Acreation aztec decals. I will also say that the acreation decals this time around went on MUCH better and didn't tear or smear off for this like what they did for the Excelsior ones.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pic.

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