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Hey there, I really need the help of some serious Tusken Raider purists. I've been working on this mask (off and on) for awhile.

My question is did I leave too much of an opening in the mouth area (highlighted in green). I've been Looking at it and find it might be too big of a gap??? I'm wondering if I should tear out the vinyl and fill the void in a bit and redo the pleating, or should I just add black screening material in the inside of the mask?

I think what may be throwing you off looking at it is the way its wrapped. Most of the ones I've seen the base of the triangle mouth hole is built puffed up more than the 2 sides. Yours looks pretty evenly wrapped on all three sides.

The sides I would leave the way they are and try to add some volume on the bottom coming up into the hole in the middle. This will fill in the hole some and I think may give you the look you are trying to achieve.

You are, however, doing a great job on this so far.

Hope my description makes sense. lol
Makes a lot of sense. Thanks

I think I'll try peeling back the bottom portion and place some foam padding in behind to build it up.

Thanks again.
Finally got around to reworking the mouth area. I added some padding behind the vinyl (as suggested). It seemed to have done the trick.

It looks a lot better.
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