Trying to create my own Wilfred halloween costume!


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I plan on going as Wilfred for Halloween this year and I'm starting the journey of making my very own since I can't find it being sold anywhere. I plan on showing the exact steps I used to make it and posting it on my site (wilfred costume) for anyone else looking to do the same thing.

If anyone has any advice/experience making any costumes like this:


Please chime in! I'd love to get some expert opinions before I begin.
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Fantastic! I'm glad to see this being done.

Maybe you can find a pattern with a similar build and adapt it. Surely there's a kids costume pattern that you can scale up?

Good luck!


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Thanks a lot, that pattern looks great. I've seen a couple others so far but that one might just be the best. I need to find the perfect grey shag material to get started as well. I want it to be perfect.
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