Trouble on LUKE SKYWALKER Force FX Lightsaber


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Howdy people!
Sorry to disturb, I'm a new member of the RPF forums (Though I've already visited too many times this place as a guest).
I'm a cosplayer and a Star Wars lover as all of you.

My problem is that.. Like, a year ago, my girlfriend bought me the LUKE Force FX Lightsaber as a gift.
I quickly disassembled the sword to place the batteries inside, and in the process I broke it..

Let me show you:

Is there a way to repair it?
There was a kind of metal thread that got screwed and now I'm kinda afraid attempting repairing it..

Thank you guys.

Luke the Belter

Well-Known Member
I think it woudln't be too hard, with some electroni skills.
Otherwise there is a seller on eBay (JKsabers) who sells the batterypacks from various fx sabers. With some luck you find a luke batterypack there ;)
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