Trooping in my Colonial Marine at San Diego Comic Con

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I finally got to troop in my Colonial Marine at San Diego Comic Con this year and I had such a terrific time! I've been wanting to do this for at least 7 years! I decided to do a little documentary about my adventure which I hope you will enjoy. I apologize it's taken me so long to put it together but have been so busy editing videos for the RPF that my stuff has taken a bit of a back seat. I hope you like it!

Colonial Marine troop at San Diego Comic Con '11 - YouTube
That was awesome!

Glad to see the some of the "younger" generation knows the USCM. Might be because the AvP games have kept us alive. :thumbsup

"GI Jane"... heh. I've gotten "GI Joe", "Starship Troopers", "Halo" (? :confused?), and just "Hey Army Guy!" :rolleyes

Last year a little boy asked if I was from "Avatar." :( :lol

One of these years I'm going to have to make the trek to California to troop with you guys!

Another great video.

I got to see this armor in person at the Con. Fan-freakin'-tastic job.

You also were clearly loving wearing it.
Costume looks great and it looks like it was a fun time!

That kid in the black hat needs some serious hair trimming.
Very cool! Loved (and recognised) both of your costumes...they looked great!*

I too was surprised at the young kids who recognised them! It must be down to the games and their parents showing them the way! Lol!

"Halo" (? :confused?)

To be fair the Halo UNSC Marine Corp were heavily influenced by the USCM. That's probably where they got their mix up!


All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed?
Haha! Nice.. I saw both of you on the floor, and didn't know who the heck you were, but loved the costumes! Now that i've actually started to put everything together, it is amazing how many RPFers I was around at the con. There are just SO many people.. but yeah, remember you two for sure! Really nice job!
nice job on your armor. i just found some pepfiles for the uscm, whoever the detail is nothing like yours. im making mine out of eva. any tips on getting the detail or where to find better files?
It was awesome troopin' with you, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up earlier! I haven't worn that armor in almost 3 years!

- Jeff
Costume looks fantastic. I've been wanting to get the whole USCM gear for YEARS but just never had the time or funds.

Also, for a civilian, you got your shirt sleeves looking pretty damn good and military proper haha :p
Jeff- I had a great time with you too, only wish we could have connected earlier at the con! Next year we will!

Scareb- thanks! You're the second person that has mentioned that to me. I must admit, I didn't realize there was a specific way they were supposed to look so I am glad I did it well and it looks good!
Haha, I can only assume that different countries may have different preference as to length of the roll, but the fact that you have yours just above the elbow and that they're perfectly flat and not just bunched up/creased is great. Looking nice and military proper ;)
Another great video.

I got to see this armor in person at the Con. Fan-freakin'-tastic job.

You also were clearly loving wearing it.

I can hardly watch these videos! Seeing how UBERLY happy you are just make me think one thing...

Art you lucky A-hole you! :lol

I mean, I know quite a few attractive women that get into this stuff... but you have the look of a kid who just got the keys to Willy Wonkas chocalate factory! :) Just too cute! :$

And the armor and paintup look phenomenal! (y)thumbsup
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