Unlimited Run Tron: Legacy CLU helmet


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Greetings Programs!

I'm officially making CLU helmets again - either fully finished or raw cast w/ or w/o the lighting.
You can read more about how it was sculpted here.

Here are the options (shipping is extra):
- Raw Cast: $170
- Raw Cast w/ light kit: $240
- Fully finished w/ lights: $300

The helmet is a 1-piece clear and tinted urethane cast. It is wearable, meaning you can see out of it. Because it's tinted, it's like wearing sunglasses. This makes it more difficult to see at night, but possible. It also makes it difficult for others to see you inside. Because this is slush-cast, visibility is distorted, but not foggy or hazy at all. The opening in the bottom is oval, and is roughly 6.5in. (16.5cm) wide x 9in. (22.8cm) deep. It slips over my head with little problem (gotta tuck ears in), and my head measures a circumference of 23in. (58.4cm). Once my head is in, i've got an easy 1/4in (+1cm) of room on each side.

Lighting is achieved with a custom cut EL panel, inverter/driver, and a 12v battery cage (for holding 8 AA batteries). The inverter has a 9v battery connector on it, so you have the option of using either the 12v cage or 9v battery.

This is only offered in the standard yellow (per the movie). It is possible to get different colors as the light has a special color overlay on it, but because these are custom it would take upwards of a month to get the special color on hand.

I do not include foam padding, as everyone's head is sized differently.

And last but not least, this helmet is not for road-use!! It's not protective AT ALL, and is intended for cosplay or display.


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Hey! You still making these? I see the post is back in September but I will take a raw cast if you are interested. Let me know what you need from me and i'll send whatever asap!


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Yes - Still making these. Probably will keep making them for several more millicycles. PMs sent!


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Wow I found all these threads way too late! If you're still making these I'd be very interested in one still when I can tuck the money away without the wife noticing!


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I would suggest your first helmet be Quorra, for your wife. Then she'll happily be on board when you decide to do CLU or Guard (or another Quorra?) for yourself. =)

I know, I'm a terrible salesperson. But, they are all still available.


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I'm trying to talk her in to it for next year. Gives plenty of time to buy quality items. Will be in touch as soon as I can make an order :) thanks so much!


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Hey Crimson490 I'm very interested in all 4 helmets completed. I sent you a PM the other day please get back to me when you can and thank you for your time sir :)

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