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I'm working with a group looking to do a FFF.

Here is an early tease of some of the props/costumes.


So far I have only really been working on the Alliance characters.

The 2 SST helmets and armor will represent Alliance Feds from the IAV Dortmunder.

The modified East German helmets are meant to be local Feds, patterned more off the Firefly Alliance combat troops
seen in the Serenity TV pilot and the flashback scene in The Message.
I didn't like the use of unmodified WWII German helmets for the Alliance troops, so I chose to create my own.
One of the local Alliance troops helmets is for a medic.
Tho' in the Alliance, I've decided, medics are armed.

I just saw that patchesnpins came out with the local sheriff's patch.
That will complete the two local law enforcement uniforms I have.

I have 10 Alliance costumes in various states of completion.

After they are done, its on to the Independents!

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I didn't like the show's use of the unmodified WWII German helmets either! They're just too recognizable! I do like the look of your modified East German helmets, though! :thumbsup Looking forward to watching the progress on this!!!!
I'm waiting on 5 patches and then I'll have 3 full costumes to show.
I'll probably put up pics of a few in process costumes.

The script is done.
The realities of marriage and family obligations are something I have to factor into my schedule.
So I plan a slow but realistic schedule for my film project.
It sucks to think of a February 2010 debut for my film at Farpoint,
but that is probably the truth of it in the context of my family time-and-money obligations.
I figure to have all the pre-shooting work done by spring 2009.
This includes prop-building, costume acquisition and location scouting (a fellow Browncoat's place, probably).
I'd like to do casting (if we decide to use real, local actors) in the summer,
and shoot it in early fall 2009.
Summer 2009 is also when the limits of our pyrotechnic and special effects capabilities should also be set.
I'm thinking at this point it is a two-weekend shoot, but I'll storyboard everything before I set a schedule.
I'm hoping post-production will be mostly someone else's domain, and that three months will work.
And, TA-DA! It's February 2010.
Eff-Me, where does the time go!

I apologize for such a slow schedule.
Oh Mike, I feel your pain.

I've been working on a Firefly fanfilm since 2006 and we're still in preproduction, what with family obligations, work commitments, deaths, and a lack of funds.

I haven't even started serious construction on costumes yet...

Anyway, keep us posted, like what I've seen so far.

Be seeing you,

Magnus Darcrider
Any updates on this? It looks quite interesting.

Not an update, but...

Does anyone know how to make paint on heavy foam rubber dry?
I used 1" thick kneeling mat foam around the perimeter of the modified East German helmets, and the paint is still tacky-feeling.
I was thinking of spraying it with a mist of denatured alcohol.
But I need to try that on a test piece first to
make sure it doesn't damage the paint,

Is there a hardener or accelerator that would better do the job?

Is there a hardener or accelerator that would better do the job?


Try spraying over the area with snow print wax. It will give it a surface texture similar to super glue. If that does not work, you could even try a super glue fuming, covers any porous surface with a hard non-porous textile to be coated in a variety of ways, including paint. Best of luck. If you need some help with leather goods, im pretty crafty, just send a PM.
Mostly incomplete, but enough to justify an update, I guess.

First, the helmets.
The East German helmets varied in condition, but at $60 for four, delivered, I was satisfied.

These shots show the "family resemblance" between the SST helmets and my modified Alliance helmets.


The two purplebelly/SST costumes in progress.
The colors are NOT as vibrant as they appear to my flash camera.


The upper helmet is a fan made, fiberglass replica that I finished.
The lower one is an "A" helmet that I'll have done once the OT cuts back.
I want to bring the fiberglass replica up to "A" specs.

I still need a back plate for the lower SST armor set.
If I don't get one, I'll end up making my own.
I also need about a dozen buckle sets.
Finding the original TSR200 buckles is proving a bit of work.

And finally for now, the local law enforcement, inspired by the sheriff in "Trainjob".


Note, that is "inspired by" and not, "copied from".
The "Trainjob" sheriff wore a rough blue jacket with a star patch on both shoulders. I wanted my local characters to be organic compared to the Alliance grays, blacks and purple.
So even the post-Unification local law enforcement reflects their local origins rather than Alliance influence.
As with the pictures of the Alliance uniforms, the colors appear more muted in person.

Does anyone know how to make paint on heavy foam rubber dry?


To answer my own question after some experimentation,
I brush painted FUTURE acrylic floor polish over the painted foam rubber.
It dried well, isn't too glossy and is flexible enough for light handling.

Now I need a thimble for sewing leather.
This is a funny hobby...


This is just great brother. I think we are all excited about seeing what you come up with. I actually had an idea for an "original" Sci-Fi story my wife said I should write up and shoot.

Don't know how "original" anything can be now-a-days, but it sure was a funny idea!

I can't wait to see yours! Update us more if you can! GREAT WORK!
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