Trick 'r Treat Filming Location Help Needed


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I know the general neighborhood where they filmed the street scenes and houses, but cannot find the exact homes.

Anybody have details on this?
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Hey compadre!

Heading up early August. Have a couple days to kill location scouting around Vancouver prior to an Alaskan cruise. Hoping to see Hope (see what I did there?) where First Blood was filmed.

Trick 'r Treat was filmed in Dunbar-Southlands on a tree-lined street. Per Google Maps, not many of the streets there have a canopy so there are just a few to check out. But if someone has a specific address it would make my life TREMENDOUSLY easier.

Someday soon I AM going to make it to Chimney Rock!
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Y'all are USELESS! I'm leaving Monday and NOTHING!

Guess I'll just have to find it myself (which - ahem - I already have...!)

If you really care, just ask! ;)
Found all four primary houses:
--Old Man Kreeg's
--Principal Wilkins'
--The one from the opening scene

Give you a hint: "36"
Do you happen to know the house numbers?
I’ve been trying to find different filming locations in Vancouver and haven’t found a website that gives much information on anything haha
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