Trevor Belmont - Castlevania WIPish


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Was struggling to get this together for the Renaissance Festival but I still need to make and finish some components if/when I break it out at a convention.

Here's the subject - Trevor Belmont from the Netflix Castlevania show. As with most of my builds I'm trying to use and many authentic materials as possible and make everything as fully functional as I can. I'm using leather, wood, and I guess fabric for my materials.



Here's a rundown if the main pieces I made from leather and wood. I'm not going to go into detail on the clothes but the red waist wrap is made from scratch out of linen fabric. The shirt, tunic, and pants are items I found and modified. Boots are old Soviet surplus military.

The Throwing Knives and Sheaths


I made some wooden knives and then wet-molded some leather around them to get a nice tight fit. First, I had to sew on the belt loop and sew the two sides together. Then dunk in some water and mold around the knives. Then dyed and finish. Lots of work for four of them but worth it.

The Vambraces


Made from vegetable tanned leather and fully lined with some faux fur I found at Joann. Straps use button studs to close. My favorite method because you don't need any help putting them on and they are super easy to take off. All hand-sewn together.

Sword, Scabbard and Frog


Sword and scabbard are made from poplar and plywood with some epoxy wood putty for accents. Still working on the sword. I'm putting a leather grip on and it's currently wrapped with twine while it dries. I usually leave the blade bare wood so it's easy to bring around without people mistaking it for real metal.

Frog is just leather that I sewed together and stamped a few borders/designs on. At first I couldn't figure out how to attach the scabbard to the belt but it turned out this simple frog worked very well.

Belt, Whip Holder and Pouches




Nice thick piece of leather for the main belt. Made the whip holder double wrap for extra security. Also added an extra buckle in the front to keep the belt nice and tight.

Shoulder Guard and Harness



Lot of work went into this part. Main body is 6oz leather dyed brown. I cared the designs in and then painted them with acrylic gold paint. Added some padding and lining under the shoulders. Tried real hard to figure out how to get the straps set up to look like the show and still work practically for putting on/taking off.

Still need to make the spats for the boots, finish the sword, and I'd also like to dye the tunic off-white to match the shirt. Maybe add some weathering to the whole thing. Get a wig for cons. Overall I'm super pleased with how everything came together after much struggling and frustration on the build but I guess that's always how it goes. Here are some pics of it all together at Maryland Renn.

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