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Interesting show. More about the personal life of Gene as seen through the eyes of his son who was disconnected from the show and the father. Dad loved the artificial world more than the real one. Now in retrospect he sees the power of ST and probably the market value.

Most interesting moment was when Rod Roddenberry confronts Wil Wheaton and Will lovingly talks about Gene as a father figure standing up for him when the fans wanted him to die painfully on the show. The role of Westly was Gene's interpretation of himself as a young man.

Westley bugged me too. It was like the federation became the Cat in the Hat; "Let the 12 year old drive!"

I think Rod wanted to punch Wil in the interview:)
:lol :lol :lol

I met the Great Bird twice and went out to dinner with him the second time.

Lots of mean things and lots of kind things have been said about him all which are true.

From what I knew of him he was a extremly kind and generous Man.

Rod I'm sure you are very proud of him and are more of your fathers son then you think you are! :thumbsup

I think Rod wanted to punch Wil in the interview:)
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