trek kit parts needed!


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hey guys...not really sure if i should post this here, or in the if it belongs there..feel free to move it.

im looking for a couple parts to the trek AMT looking for a galaxy class saucer and main hull(no nacelles) and a constutution REFIT(enterprise A)nacelles. the necelles could even be from the reliant kit...same basic thing...they would work as well.
anyone have these laying around and would like to get rid of em?


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I have 2...or is it 3 Star Trek Enterprise kits. The original AMT kit NCC-1701 Star Trek The Motion Picture,and one from when ERTL bought out AMT it's the same kit...but with Star TrekII box art.The box from the first one is in bad shape,the Star TrekII box is in good shape.You have to buy the entire kit,I'm not parting either of them out.I have an aftermarket vacuform kit of the U.S.S Reliant,another aftermarket vacuform kit of the U.S.S Grissim from Star TrekIII,a resin kit of the Enterprise C(started,but salvageable)and a really cool Resin kit of the Klingon Bird of Prey from Star TrekIII made by Anubis.It was slightly modified/started,but can be reversed if one wanted.If any of these things interest you...message me.