Travis Touchdown:Beam Katana(No More Heroes)


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Hey, I know this isn't the best place to ask since it seems to be mostly about movies here, but I was brought here by another video game prop that was made and posted here, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

I'm looking to build a Lightsaber modification but have no clue where to start. It's known as a Beam Katana in the game No More Heroes. I have pictures from another person who made it, but they refuse to return any of my messages so I'm asking this community which has really impressed me with their other props/replicas.

Here are some pictures:
I wish to construct the Blood Berry(on the left)

I'll try and be as helpful as possible with getting more information on this if needed. Any help on where to get started would be fantastic. The most I know is that this requires a Lightsaber FX which costs about $120. Overall, this cost apparently $160 to create.

Thanks everyone for any help you can provide.
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