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Ok, I found a camera lens in the trash. It looked cool and I figured I might be able to use it for something.

Now I'll apologize right away. I did not take a photo of it before taking it apart.


But here it is dis-assembled.

along with a couple of sink parts, (not used) some plumbing gaskets and an 8" extension tube.

The inner lens was cracked. No fix.

So, what to do....




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One of the freeing things that I was told about building a Lightsaber, is that each Jedi has to build their own. That meant I did not have to create Luke's or Obi Wan's or worry about anything like that. This was going to be Monk's Lightsaber.

Ok with everything taken apart, I screwed this into that, flipped that, thought about this....

I did spend a few dollars for some specialty items. An indicator light.

behind the light is a drawer pull from Ocean State Job Lot. I was thinking to use that as an emitter... but it just didn't look right.

I also picked up a "Mirror Hanging Hook" to act as a D-ring on the base.

and the only other part purchased was the 8" extension tube.

But what about an emitter... hmm I have a whole bunch of hard drive parts!

The motor to a hard drive looks about right.

It's easily dis-assembled using a drift and a hammer. All the parts are press fit.

I use the center stator to make jewelry...

But that's another story..


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So, I take the bearing that I pounded out of the drive, and put it into the other side...

I had to sand down the motor housing to get it thinner. That way it would fit where the broken lens used to live and be held in place by the old retainer. Fuss fit fuss..

Now that is looking right. More tomorrow!
Lightsabers built like this are always my favorites. It's a nod to the way they were made in the original films, find what you can and make something out of it.


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I've been reading these forums for a while now, and seeing how random some parts can be for some props. That whole gun assembly from the 5th Element? all sorts of bits from here and there!

I like finding the possibilities in stuff that someone else tossed. ok, I love it.


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So before I left work for the day, I screwed that assembly onto the main body of the lens to see how it looked.

The geeky buzz was with me all the way home...


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there are some small numbers and markers on the side, this is where I'll drill a hole for the indicator light switch.

Blurry... gah I need a better camera!

I used a drill press and just went for it. The lens fits in nice and tight.

and while I was drilling, I installed the d-ring.

This is the lens cap screwed onto the the bottom of the lens assembly.

This is how the whole bottom end of the saber is going to look.

But I have to figure out how to make that all stay together... time for some glue and extra bits.


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Great build! Loved your idea with the HD. I've got about 10 old drives laying around. I might have to use them for my build!

Looking forward to seeing it finished.


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I have all sorts of drives I've torn apart for security reasons, there's all sorts of greeble bits in there to use for various projects!

The stator necklace I have gets a lot of compliments.

I'm going to have to come up with something for a hand grip type of thing. I have a couple of old windshield wipers, so I could pay homage to the Skywalker saber. I had thought of wrapping the grip with leather, but it didn't look right.

To connect the bottom bits together I'm going to use this piece from a microphone assembly, it's from a Shure microphone.

I'll have to draw up how this is going to fit together as the photo's won't do it justice.

Country Paul

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Love this, looking very cool so far

really in the spirit of Star Wars,

I have a box of bits that really need to become something one day

just waiting for the creativity & talent to hit me :lol


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Yay! Monday!

Ok, so I had to draw this out so it made sense.

The Shure microphone part fit into the pipe extension and it's outer diameter filled the gap with the lens parts. Using some glue I put those three pieces together. To secure it into the tube, I didn't want to glue it, just in case I have to take it apart to add features down the road.

So the film canister fits inside the pipe snugly, and a small amount of JBweld gives the screw some purchase. This is the film canister.

and here is a drawing of how it will all fit together.

Then I'll run a screw from the side, to the film canister locking it all together. So hopefully it won't fall apart when it's hanging from a belt hook. I mean come on, I don't want to look like a dork, with my lightsaber falling apart in the parking lot...


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I just can't throw cool stuff away!

The 8"pipe extension actually screwed into the front half of the assembly and tightened up nicely. A couple of black tapered plumbing gaskets slide on to help make the transition.

and now I push on the end piece.

It's just a friction fit right now, I'll head over to the drill press and run a small screw through the side to hold it in place. But here's the look so far...

Now to figure out the grips as well. I'm open to suggestions!


Man! I've thrown away about 1,000 sabres over the years! Just goes to show what someone with a great imagination and eye for detail can do with garbage! Recycle, recycle, recycle!