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This year was definately the year of the "sexy -insert anything- costume.

Sexy pink lady whatever, Sexy Witch, Sexy Pinocchio?

Sexy Fairy (i think), Sexy Pirate

Sexy Mental Patient??

Sexy Medusa

There were SO many "sexy" costumes - not complaining mind you.

Here's a costume that...uh...I thought the Halloween movies were rated "R"?

There were some cool masks-

There were screen used suits from a new movie coming out later this year call "Zoom" (or something)

Of course there was a bunch of other stuff, but a lot of the Dark Attraction stuff was difficult to photograph, some stuff can't be posted here, and other stuff you guys have seen before. All in all, I thought the show was pretty much the exact same as last years - except for the large addition of "Sexy" costumes.